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10-20Kw of small trailer mounted solar that can be towed behind any vehicle with a 2" ball. It is the first portable travel system to include an optional emergency 5 Kw of Supercapacitors. Recharge times from the built in solar or wall/generator are measured in 10's of minutes, not hours! Click here to see actual pictures of our BakUpMobile™ in the wild on Twitter.


The BakUpBox ® is an an American-made portable electrical power storage system with proprietary technology that delivers lightweight solar power storage for emergency situations. This is military- grade wireless power that is light enough to carry by hand, yet robust enough to power the most demanding electrical applications.
Available in 4 sizes: 350Wh, 700Wh, 1Kw and 1.8Kw, there is a BakUpBox® to run your most demanding applications. All models will be UL, FCC, IP6x,and MILSPEC 810 (G) certified. 
Available September 2020!

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The BakUpHive™is the first small footprint mobile solar storage system that is designed to be moved from location to location. The Power it in its specs:

6-10 Kw Roof Top PV
System size: 350 square feet
Urban camouflage: Designed to fit in with buildingscape.
Complete system with Security monitoring, lights, etc...
40-500 Kw permanent battery storage
3 charging circuits, including shore power.
3 discharge circuits.
50-100Kw removable BakUpBox® systems.
Whole system is truck portable.​

Systems can be grouped up to 10 MW combined total.
Infinitely renewable.

Acres of land are not needed.


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