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Decentralized Distributed Power

The BakUpHive™is the first small footprint mobile solar storage system that provides removable portable solar at point. It is the lightest portable solar power system available on the market. Other solar storage systems can weigh up to 10 Tons, making it impossible to transport. The BakUpHive™ system can completely recharges from solar as little as 12 hours, not days, making it the only true sustainable portable power source available today.

Compared to other emergency sources, solar does not run out and does not have to be converted like natural gas or diesel generators. The BakUpHive™ saves you time, energy, and money due to the convenience and portability of our system. We are dedicated to providing Military-Grade wireless power that is light enough to carry by hand, yet robust enough to power the most demanding electronic applications.

BakUpHive™ Specifications

6-10 Kw Roof Top PV
Decentralized/Centralized power distribution
Multiple US and International patents issued. More Patents Pending
Winner 2018 InnovisionTM award for sustainability.
System size: 350 square feet
Designed to fit in with buildingscape.
Complete system with Security monitoring, lights, etc...
40-250+ Kw permanent battery storage
2 charging circuits, including shore power.
3 discharge circuits.
Individual microgrids are less than 25 pounds each.
Self-contained system including BMS.
GPS/IoT monitoring available.
Low to zero Maintenance.
1-2% loss per month. Charge at 12 months: 75%.
100+Kw removable solar microgrid.
Hive Recharge time: 5.5 hours solar, 3 hours shore.
Whole system is truck portable.
120 MPH proof. Will continue to produce power in the worst conditions.

Systems can be grouped up to 10 MW combined total.
Infinitely renewable.
The BakUpHive™ system can be as much as 60% cheaper than a traditional solar field for the same wattage.

Acres of land are not needed.